Bi-Directional Power Converter

- Description:
- Adelser can design and manufacture very specific projects. Adelser has been involved in projects that request high Power Electronic skills. The converter is about 10kVA. It can fit in various applications like car, small win turbine, train, military, etc.. You can transform a DC battery into an AC, or you can do the opposite way if you want to use the battery or if you want to charge it (or them). It is the technology used in car applications for example. The control is not included with this solution.

- Characteristics:
- Adelser’s team decided to develop heat pipes for this converter. Our solution can be integrated in an enclosure and match with NEMA3 or more. It will depend on type of the enclosure selected. But we can use different and more cost effective solutions, depending the final application, like chill plates, or air cooling system. It can work at a high room temperature. We base the assembly on our ARCAL-E+_108. This driver board uses CT-Concept drivers, that is a reference in IGBT driver solution. The converter can work in all the positions without thermal issue due to the technology developed by our sister company Cecla Metal Process. It was design to get an easy assembling process. The maintenance will be very easy too. You have access to all the parts of the assembly from the top.

- Solution:

A PDF 3D is available to get more details. This inverter will be available at our booth 1423 at APEC 2015, Charlotte NC.

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