New 1kW crane inverter

1 kW version

Our 1 kW crane cab inverter is a plug and play assembly. It is made to plug small heaters & air conditioners, available at any local store. You can also plug lights, or any electrical device. From the 250VDC bus (200-650VDC) on your crane, we provide a 120V-60Hz (or 230V-50Hz) that you can use for lights, tools, computers or any other electronics you want to use in the crane cab.

The inverter is IP-54 (NEMA3), and the magnetic cabinet is IP-44. You can find more detailed information in our datasheet.

We offer a one year warranty on our inverter. We have made every effort to provide you with a high quality, reliable product that is designed to last many years. In addition, we offer expert repair service should anything fail in the future. All our products are made in USA.

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