We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, technical knowledge, and experience in designing and maintaining Thyristor, IGBT, or MOSFET based power circuits.

We are experts in Power, including the following:

Repair / Refurbishment

  • GE SCR Stack assembly repair
  • Repair of VBO boards and/or RPD boards, on a GE stack or any other manufacturer’s stack
  • Replacement of broken or aged Thyristors on every kind of assembly

Power components sourcing

  • Our connection to European sources may help you shorten your leadtime
  • Our knowledge of GE (obsolete) components can help you get a drop-in replacement

New product design for any power system or subsystem in these markets

  • Power Generation (Hydro Power Plants, Fossil Energy, DC Power Transportation)
  • Industry (Metals, Mining, Material Processing, Crane & DC Bus inverters)
  • Renewables (Solar & Wind Energy)
  • Marine (Merchant Marine and Navy)
  • Complete technical support for legacy SCR stacks and also new power design capabilities

Power Assembly sub-components

  • Heatsinks
    • Over 100 profiles already tooled
    • 2-4 new profiles added every year
  • Water-cooled Heatsinks
    • Cold Plate
    • Water Blade
    • Heat Pipes
  • Clamps
    • M-Type
    • W-Type
    • S-Type
    • Custom
  • Insulators
  • Busbars

Power Assemblies

  • Thyristor
  • Diode
  • IGBT
  • Custom