About us

Adelser is a specialist in Power Conversion engineering and repair with the clear mission to support our customers using legacy GE SCR Stacks and also create new designs to enable our customers to modernize their power equipment.

Our customers operate in five diversified markets:

  • Power Generation (Hydro Power Plants, Fossil Energy, DC Power Transportation)
  • Industry (Metals, Mining, Material Processing, Crane & DC Bus inverters)
  • Renewables (Solar & Wind Energy)
  • Marine (Merchant Marine and Navy)
  • Complete technical support for legacy SCR stacks and also new power design capabilities

Adelser is your resource for engineering, design, manufacturing and service of components and systems, including SCR Stacks, Thyristor Assemblies, IGBT Assemblies, Diode Assemblies, Clamps for SCR Stacks, Drivers for IGBT & Thyristor circuits, DC to AC Power Inverters. We provide solutions to a broad industry base, and are the exclusive owners of the original GE SCR Stack documentation, enabling us to precisely maintain your existing GE Stack.

With a team of engineering, service and application professionals, Adelser has the expertise required to provide the best possible design with the lowest total cost of ownership. Our relationship with our European sister company, Arcel , enable us to leverage their capabilities and resources into our products with the end result being lower cost service to North American customers.

Our technical expertise will enable us to offer you a range of solutions from maintaining an obsolete product to incorporating the latest technology, or a combination of the two. Our people make us the perfect partner for your electrical / electronic system integration. Our innovative spirit will add value and longevity to your products.